Members Ponds

These are a few ponds proudly owned by some of our members. Do view and enjoy but please be aware that a great many of our members have more modest ponds and we even have some members with no ponds, just an interest. The ponds shown below are not intended to be representative of South Hants Koi Club as a whole, just some nice photos to look at! We warmly welcome everyone to our club, so please do not feel you have to have a fantastic pond to join us.

Malcolm and Carole’s Pond

Carole and Malcolm's Pond

Carole and Malcolm 2


Geoff and Mary’s Pond.

Geoff and Mary


Geoff and Mary 2


Doug and Lynne’s Pond

Doug & Lynnes pond.


Doug & Lynnes pond. 2


Brian & Sarah’s pond


Andy & Lynda’s pond


Alan & Lorraine’s pond


Gary & Lisa’s pond