Members Ponds

These are a few ponds proudly owned by some of our members. Do view and enjoy but please be aware that a great many of our members have more modest ponds and we even have some members with no ponds, just an interest. The ponds shown below are not intended to be representative of South Hants Koi Club as a whole, just some nice photos to look at! We warmly welcome everyone to our club, so please do not feel you have to have a fantastic pond to join us.

Ralph and Maria’s Pond

Members Ponds

Ralph and Maria 2

Built in 2011, this pond was built to house young koi and provide an environement that would promote good health and growth.  In koi terms it is small at 3300 gallons but is quite deep at 2 metres which was chosen to enable the pond to be heated and relatively cheap to medicate if required.   It has one Spindrifter bottom drain which is plumbed into an Oase Pro Drum filter for mechanical filtration.  Biological filtration is mainly though a Bakki style Shower that is disguised as a large Japanese folly, containing MP2C cermedia nd some BHM ceramic filter material, plus a cloverleaf fluidised sand filter as a backup and finishing off with 30 bicenosis baskets to aid nitrate reduction. There is a Duratech 7+ heatpump to provide efficient heating and to extend the summer period,  also some solar panels provide additional warmth on sunny days.  A variety of Koi are stocked including Kohaku, Sanke, Showa , Beni Kumonyru, Yamabuki, Chagoi and Goshiki. A second pond of 900 gallons was built as a Quarantine and isolation facility for new arrivals.

Malcolm and Carole’s Pond

Carole and Malcolm's Pond

Carole and Malcolm 2


Geoff and Mary’s Pond.

Geoff and Mary


Geoff and Mary 2


The pond is of a formal design, kidney shaped in appearance and raised to just over 2’ above ground level. The exterior walling comprises of standard sized bricks capped in an unusual brown coloured engineering brick and fibre glassed, the pairing giving rise to an aesthetically pleasing combination, built in 2002, replacing a goldfish pond. 5,000 gallon with 2 independent filter systems consisting of bottom drains, gravity fed vortex into two Nexus 210, air is supplied by Medo 45, and the return to pond is via TMC UV 30 by 11,000 sequence pump. The surface skimmer is gravity fed to the small vortex and filter unit and a Sequence 10,000 returns it back to the pond return via an Anoxic Planted Veg Filter with Biocenosis Baskets. A variety of size fish, Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, Asagi, Ochiba and a Jumbo Chagoi.

Doug and Lynne’s Pond

Doug & Lynnes pond.


Doug & Lynnes pond. 2

Brian & Sarah’s pond

Andy’s pond

Alan & Lorraine’s pond