Join Our Club

If you are thinking of upgrading your goldfish pond or starting from scratch and would like to learn more about Koi and their requirements, why not join our club? You can learn from our mistakes (between us we have made quite a few!) rather than making the same, sometimes expensive and often heartbreaking mistakes yourself.

Our Annual Membership Fee is just £20.00 per annum, per household.

Click here for our Online Registration Form / Membership Renewal

Koi, which have been rudely likened to aquatic pigs, do need a clean, stable environment and will not thrive in a basic unfiltered goldfish pond. Those who might feel a touch embarrassed to reveal their ignorance by asking ‘stupid’ questions at club meetings need not worry in the least, we have all been there and, believe me, most of us are still asking stupid questions, it’s just that we don’t feel embarrassed anymore!

Regular Club Activities & Benefits

  • Guest speakers and Koi related meetings
  • Summer activities including trips
  • Exchange visits with other BKKS sections and Koi Clubs
  • Auctions –  Once a year we have a combined wet (fish) and a dry (equipment etc.) auction. Held in a barn just South of Petersfield. An excellent way of selling or buying Koi or pond equipment. Also very entertaining so worth a visit even if you have no plans to buy anything (we have all heard that one before!!!).
  • Open Days – several members open their ponds to other club members and we then finish up with a barbecue or buffet in the last garden. This is another splendid way of becoming acquainted not just with fellow members but also with the many variations of Koi ponds and filter systems.
  • Member’s Magazine
  • Koi Health – Do you have a health problem with your Koi? We have many members who are knowledgeable on matters concerning Koi health and also a dedicated Health Officer. If you keep Koi this access is considered essential by many of our members.